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Falling into history

Welcome to Florence

The Hotel Torre Guelfa

The Hotel Torre Guelfa is part of one of Florence’s most antique palaces. 
Palazzo Acciaiuoli dates back to 1260 and the medieval architectural structure was maintained for centuries almost unchanged. Respecting the palace’s historical background we have created rooms furnished in a traditional style, each different from the other, with private bathrooms, air conditioning and free wifi internet access.

The Tower "La torre"

Each of the 72 steps guiding up the tower is a small leap into the history of Florence and human civilization. Each step corresponds in fact 10 years of the life of this antique tower.
720 years which have seen blooming civilization, falling down empires, birth and death of whole dynasties, unleash wars and building up hope.
The jump is violent. As well as the first impression once arrived finally at the top of the tower. 
The view over the city is simply breath taking. And now we are part of the history and we can touch it with a finger.