Breakfast/ Living room

Torre Guelfa Florence

Approaching from the first hours of the day to the breath of the city, feeling its history and its beauty, tastings your Breakfast in the absolute quietness of the Medieval Hall is the best way to prepare your visit to Florence.
In the warm but velied light filtered by the large windows, embellished by the splendid nineteenth-century chandelier, every morning we set up a rich buffet.
Among the medieval tapestries and Ionic columns we serve a various choice of genuine and high quality products, hot and cold: wholemeal bread, white, fresh and toasted; jams, butter, nutella; cereals, fruit juices, yogurt, fresh and syrup fruit; cakes, hot croissants; ham, salami and cheese, eggs and a various selection of gluten free products.

Every detail enhances this small glimpse of the ancient world: the fifteenth-century torch-stands, the high coffered ceilings typical of the city's architecture, the splendid wall piano. And every step on the marble floors and Persian carpets will contribute to forming the memory of a pleasant holiday in Florence.

- fresh milk or UHT, soy (lactose free)
- espresso and barley coffee, milky coffee, chocolate, cappuccino
- tea and fruit juices.

- various types of bread: assorted sandwiches of various flavors and sizes, eggrye, cereal, and gluten-free

- rusks

- cereals with or without dried fruit, natural or crunchy muesli
-Empty croissants, or stuffed with cream, chocolate or jams

- Homemade cakes and pies
- fresh fruit of the season

- yogurt: lean, white, 125g single-serving fruit.
- single-dose honey
- jams of various flavors

- cocoa spreads

- burrini, philadelphia and cream cheese spreads
- mixed cold cuts: salami, cooked ham, raw ham

- cheese board: emmental, semi-seasoned pecorino, and brie

- boiled eggs and omelettes